Maks Banens


Associate professor in Demography at the University of Lyon and researcher at the Max Weber Center (CMW), in the group Dynamics of Private Life and the Institutions, my research is mainly concerned with the following items:

1/ Socio-demography of same-sex couples and of their legalization in different European countries. I analyse the process by which a legal statute for same-sex couples has been introduced, and its actual use by the couples involved. Beyond the legal recognition of the same-sex couple, I question the social rejection of homosexuality and the political management of its protection.

2/ Socio-demography of disability. Disability and different forms of care touch at the heart of families’ and couples’ daily life. I started by studying the private and intimate life of HIV positive men and women in Vivre avec le VIH (Calmann Lévy, 2006) and then widened the focus to all forms of health problems and their influence on the daily life of families and couples.

3/ Socio-demography of the family. Historical demography seems to dispose of the tools and the theoretical framework necessary to grasp the full-size problem of the family as a socio-historical institution. After studying family transformations in the long term in La transition démographique dans l’Hérault, 1801-1990 (1995), I now concentrate on recent transformations of kinship and their effect on gender relations and the construction of sexualities.

CMW - CNRS, Lyon 2
14 Avenue Berthelot
69363 Lyon Cédex 7

tél : 04 72 72 64 30

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